Funday Friday – Let a thousand string concatenations bloom

How many different ways (in PHP) are there to concatenate the string values in two variables and put the result in a third variable?

Here are a few to start:

  • $alice = $bob . $charlie;
  • $alice = "$bob$charlie";
  • $alice = sprintf('%s%s', $bob, $charlie);
  • ob_start(); echo $bob, $charlie; $alice = ob_get_clean();
  • $alice = implode('', array($bob,$charlie));

I would say something like “Of course, this entire exercise is just for fun and in practice is totally useless,” but whenever I start out thinking that something actually productive eventually emerges. So perhaps this is totally useless, perhaps not!

Taken from :

One of the viewer’s comment : I suggest using a web service for this :-) .. lol

Do you have any other solution? Please hit the reply button to post your own here.

08. August 2008 by Hung Bui
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